Meditation within movement is a million times superior to meditation in stillness—Hakuin Ekaku, referring to Dahui Zonggao

Calligraphy by Hakuin Ekaku kept at Ryūtakuji

After having spent more than twenty years in Asia, I currently live in the midst of the Pacific. Religious studies constitutes my field, my hobby, and my passion. Also an experienced copy-editor.

I am affiliated with the Department of Religion at the University of Hawaii, Mānoa Campus:

An expert in religious and intellectual history in East Asia, I have a broader interest in historical and philosophical issues including universalism and nonsectarian approaches to religious practice. My teaching competence includes Asian religions, Buddhism in particular, with a broader familiarity with philosophy and history of religions. Because Yoga flows in my veins, Indian traditions often inform my research on Japanese or Chinese culture and history.

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