Meditation within movement is a million times superior to meditation in stillness—Hakuin Ekaku, referring to Dahui Zonggao

Calligraphy by Hakuin Ekaku kept at Ryūtakuji

After more than twenty years in Asia, I currently live in the midst of the Pacific. Religious Studies constitutes my field, my hobby, and my passion.

I am affiliated with the Department of Religion (soon to expand into the Department of Religions and Ancient Civilizations) at the University of Hawaii, Mānoa Campus:

In addition to my expertise in East Asia’s religious and intellectual history, I have a broader interest in historical and philosophical issues including universalism and nonsectarian approaches to religious practice. My teaching competence includes Asian religions, Buddhism in particular, with a broader familiarity with philosophy and history of religions. Because Yoga flows in my veins, Indian traditions often inform my research on Japanese or Chinese culture and history.

Currently, I am focusing on texts and ideas produced during the Six Dynasties (220–589 CE), especially during the Eastern Jin (317–420 CE). In addition to  the translation of sources produced during this dynamic time period, this is also linked to a collaborative project with the Department of Philosophy at National Taiwan University (NTU).

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